We live in Minneapolis, just off the 4 bus, near downtown. We became car-free when a now-convicted young man jumped into a illegally running car and plowed it into our S80 Volvo.

The Dream Car

Luckily, Big Strong Dancer Papa was solo in the car, because the front end and the driver’s seat were the only parts not crushed. Not so lucky for him, chiropractor care continues. After a few weeks of Insurance Theater, we got a check that wouldn’t allow us to replace the car we had, which was our dream car. That’s how we became car-free. Thanks for sharing in our adventures. 

Due to serious health issues, we are no longer car free. We are still a one car family.

If you are interested in reading the archives you can email us at thehaarmans (at) gmail (dot) com


3 Responses to “About Us”

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