The Big One took my bike to his friend’s house today and in my rush to get him, I had to ride his too small, too rickety brake-free bike to pick him up. I had to wake Devil Baby up to race The Big One across Northeast for his evening rehearsal. On my way home, I whizzed past a gorgeous ’95 volvo station wagon. It was the devil, calling out to me. “You hate car-free living. Buy me! Buy me!” I stopped and got a number. Temptation’s all I ever wanted. . .Belinda Carlisle’s smoked filled voice singes my ears. Oh, yeah. Vacation. Not temptation. I snapped out of it and rushed to my friend Kelley’s holding my almost bursting bladder. Her husband, Buck answered the door. They were having dinner. “Buck. I need to use your bathroom.” Not, “Hi Buck. May I come in to use your restroom?” Nope. No subtlety. I need to channel my mother on this car-free journey. Never pass a restroom without stopping in. Bus costs for the day: $4.00 Hourcar cost $25.00