Today was darn-right scary. Or, rather, I should say that we were darn-right scary looking. We’ve got to start carrying our video camera with us. We slept late today, and our plan was to meet the Pre-School Adventure group at Elsie’s Bowling Alley. Rush, rush, rush, a car would be nice. Papa’s bike frame is still cracked. How to get across Northeast to the black light bowling experience? Papa rides my Suede, with The Big One in front of him on the seat. Ooh, comfy. I drag Devil Baby’s screaming body into the burley trailer (ride MY bike, mommy!), and I ride on The Big One’s 1960’s cruiser, again. My sitz bones still hurt from my little ride yesterday, but off we go, cruising down the hill. You know, when we lived in lower Northeast, our mail carrier used to remind us over and over again that the law of the land, going back generations, was that once you’ve crossed Johnson (the hill), you’ve made it. Well, now that we’ve crossed Johnson, and have to ride up that hill several times a day, I’m longing for lower Northeast. Nice, flat, lower Northeast. I digress. I’m on the cruiser. Papa is on the Suede. Devil Baby is screaming. The Big One yelps at every bump. Oh, and did I mention that the sky looks ominous? Cruise away. Get to the bowling alley after a quick hello to fellow commuter, Pat Dwyer as he was opening Grumpy’s Bar for the day. After bowling a game, Papa hopped the bus to an appointment and we went out into the beautiful day to head to Behind Bars in lower Northeast. Just to look. And to have Chuck fix my brakes. (Thanks, Chuck!) We ended up buying a Kona for The Big One and leaving the retro bike with Chuck. Devil Baby cried the whole way home about the fact that he didn’t get a new bike. The Big One insisted on bringing his bike on the bus tonight to rehearsal, partly to practice, but mostly because it was like Christmas morning for him. New challenge? What do you do when the bike rack on the bus is full and it is 11 o’clock at night? Take a cab.
Total cost for the day: $440 for the Bike, 2 bells, a front pack. Brake Fix was complimentary.
Transportation costs: Bus fare: $7.00 Cab Fare: $10