Rehearsal ended at 9. He isn’t home yet. I like having control over the whereabouts of my 11 year old. With the new bike (with its 24 speeds) and the co-director transportation, I just never know where he is. I guess it is good practice for college. Stayed home today. It is amazing how much time I used to spend running useless errands. Without a car, I have to plan ahead for my errands, which slows me down. I put together the composter that my friend Jean gave me for my birthday. And, I rode to the local State Farm office to buy back the wreckage of our Volvo S80. It’s a little deal I have going with our mechanic’s supplier. It makes us feel like donors. Our engine will give life to another Volvo. I asked Papa if he missed having a car as we rode together to the State Farm office. He quickly answered, “No.” Am I the only one who is grieving here??????
Papa’s transportation costs: $5.00. The Big One’s $2.00.