Okay. So, now that living car-free is no longer a novelty, our blog updates have slowed down. To a snail’s pace. To give you a quick updates, we’ve had challenges, break downs, baby ankles caught in spokes. We’ve had burley trailers up-ended, carried 3 gallon water jugs while chasing the 4 bus. I’ve been dissed by a bus driver, passed by while standing in 2 feet of water, in the lightning. We’ve been bit by a foster dog (okay, so not really related to car-free living), borrowed a car from our friend, Roberta, and I’ve left a clothing exchange in tears to catch a bus, when I could have waited for a ride.

All, in all, this car-free experience has held too many really awful experiences.

And in some sick way, we love it.

Today I bought a basket for my cruiser. Discussed what a terrible commuter bike it is with Chuck, the bike wonder god and purchased 2 more kryptonite locks.

We are looking darn buff, and watching my husband ride down Central Avenue in a Tux, off to the Sage Awards for dance tonight was really quite thrilling.

Life is good. If this experiment hadn’t started with an accident that almost killed my husband, I’d think it was all really cool. But today, when I watch the way he holds his head, when I see the frustration in his eyes, and when the papers come from the court asking for a victim impact statement, I remember. And I can tell you, it ain’t easy riding bike when your eyes are filled with tears.