I’ll admit. It’s been too long since I’ve last posted. Life is full! I’m working on a novel, planning my winter class schedule, writing proposals for summer classes and I’m getting the devil baby into sensory integration therapy so he stops hurting us. Life is really full.

Here is the confession. We have a car. We haven’t purchased a car. We don’t drive it much, but the in-laws have this old-oldsmobile bravada that needs to be driven in the winter. It needs to be driven. What were we supposed to do?

We could have said no. But then The Big One couldn’t do aerial classes. We would have to ride the bus in the terrible cold and walk and wait and live through Tuesday night hell so he can attend clown class. It is just for a few months. And damn, it is expensive.

Second confession: I miss my volvo.

Our First Volvo, 1996