Today, I was coming out of over-priced Easter Brunch in Dinkytown with my sons, Gamer Boy and Devil Child. Even though I was CLEARLY stressed, carrying my screaming, over-tired child down the street, Swoozie (not her real name), who I served on an unnamed board with 4 years ago, started waving her arms at me.

“Yoo Hoo! I know you! It’s me, Swoozie!”

“Swoozie! Hello! What brings you to the city?”

Swoozie and her husband defected from Minneapolis to live the life she tried to live in the city, which I remember to be racist and an over-the-top Christian.

“Oh, we were just driving around! ”

Thud. Did she really just say that? Oh, yeah. She is a Bush loving, war-loving Rebublican. She Just drives around.

Does anyone really just “drive” around? I barely heard the rest of the story. She drove from the Western suburbs to the Como Conservatory, and then just drove around to find a restaurant.

She was just driving around.

What’s it going to take people? The new “user” fee might help. I look forward to it, car free or not!

This post was edited a bit in response to Peggy’s comment. In no way do I mean to imply that Christians are racist. I do know from my experience with Swoozie that she moved to the suburbs so that she wouldn’t be “faced with such diversity”.