April 2008

What a way to start our back-to-car-free living. The in-laws took their car back Sunday, and yesterday, with my blood pressure at 105/34, I took the 4 bus to the 2 bus to the University Hospital. What did they find? Nothing. I guess my fiery personality is an illusion. I’m actually a mellow gal. Somehow the hospital lost at least 4 vials of my blood. There must be vampires on campus.

Disorganized Papa is still on car timing. He decided to look up his bus at 3:30 pm, to be in Kenwood at 5 pm. What’s the saying, “You snooze, you lose?” No way he is going to make it, and his bike is at Scallywags awaiting pick up. They put his two favorite thrift store finds together to make one good bike. Now he’s a thinker, that’s for sure. I’m faced with the reality of buying a new bike. If my blood pressure continues to tank, it might have to be one of those cool Schwinn trikes.


This blog is bound to get more exciting now that I’ve learned how to upload images! Stay tuned!


I got a lift to the Hotdish Revolution in the Holland neighborhood last night, and made the mistake of wearing my clogs. Walked home with the Dunnwald’s and now I’ve got blisters on my feet.

Revolution was great, as always, but I was up a good bit of the night with a tummy ache. Maybe it was unrelated, but . . .probably not.

This was the People’s Choice overall winner.

Ian Johnson. His family has been to my family yoga class. They are as yummy as his hotdish. The whole lot of them!  And this was his award winning entry.  I won’t even tell you what was in it.  You’ll have to come next time to experience it yourself.

Ian\'s Mom\'s Secret Sausage Recipe

When I moved to upper Northeast, I had to say goodbye to my UPS Man. I still see him around, and as luck would have it, he was the keg master for the event.

And only in Nordeast would you find jello at a hotdish contest. I love it here.

Jello Hotdish

Live local. When you live in Northeast, where else do you need to go? I made the decision to go back to teaching family yoga at the local yoga studio, instead of transporting myself across town. Since the bridge went down, it’s hard to get folks to cross the river for Family Yoga, even if they love it. This, too, shall pass.

Haven’t seen the big child much today. He is off again, on his Kona. Car-free, cell phone free, hopefully not helmet free.

The Big One

It is spring. Finally.

It was beautiful day today in Minneapolis.  When my big guy was 5 years old, we thought about moving to a place where the winters weren’t so bloody awful.  It is days like this when I’m so glad that we didn’t.  In the corner of our lot, some sort of perennial is reaching for the sun.

Amidst the brown grass in our lead-filled soil, I saw life.  Winter is over.  And, this week, I’m finishing those taxes and shopping for a new bike.

Any recommendations?