I racked them up today. It must be spring. The Big One was at a Boychoir thing all day, so I took his dreamy kona across town. There is a hill going up St. Anthony Parkway towards the river. Apparently it is the highest point in Minneapolis. I was the little engine that could, puffing my way up that hill today. I rode to the Steamworks Coffee Shop in the Victory Neighborhood to interview an amazing woman, Pat Samples. Then I rode to the U to teach yoga. Some of my students like it when I get to class all sweaty. Many do not. My classes are even more difficult, some might say, “brutal” after I’ve biked 5 or 10 miles.

What’s the psychology behind that, I wonder?

Tonight we took the hourcar to The Big One’s new school. Met with a couple of cool cats, “Enrique” and “Dave”. They tried to scare us with tales of 2 hours of homework (which I’m morally opposed to), 10 day trips with no phone calls home and a big 150 mile bike trip at the end of the school year. No fear here. Have no fear, HourCar is here. What is there to be afraid of?

The HourCar