Enterprise Car Rental has always been super reliable for us.  When we need a car for more than just quick trips around town, we turn to them.

Today, however, our local place in Lauderdale was closed, so we ended up at the Roseville branch.  I confirm the reservation with one of the sales reps, very clearly stating that I wanted an upgrade to an intermediate size car, I wanted my husband to purchase liability insurance only, and she calculated the rate, which was all-inclusive.

At the counter he was sold a bigger car (more carbon footprint), personal liability insurance and was given a higher daily rate.  Did I mention that I confirmed everything in the reservation and that it was all set to go?

Yep.  I thought so.  I was so angry at Enterprise when he pulled up with this big-ass car.  Slick, they are.  All in all, it will cost us at least $50 more for the weekend, which would cover the hourcar and gas.  Live and learn.  We will not be renting from the Roseville branch of the Enterprise Rental Car Business.  Nope.

And, did they pick us up?  Nope.  Too busy.  So, as a car-free mom, I make a reservation for a rental car, I trust that they will actually give us that car, and be clear so that my husband can understand them (instead of pulling the slight of hand trick), and I expect them to be true to their slogan, “We’ll pick you up!”  If we feel like it.

Got errands to run.  Pick up an oak tree, some plants, some more plants, a rain slicker for the Little One, and have to drop the big one off at his concert.  The Minnesota Boychoir with Alison Scott.  I’ve got a car.  I might as well go!