Head Cold. Rushing on the bus to get the Big One to an audition. He didn’t get the job. He is a talented actor, yet he has no skills in auditioning. But still, I picked my snot-filled head off the pillow, got dressed and hopped the #4 to downtown. As I’m getting off the bus I see the face of Denny Hecker, greasy car-salesman extraordinaire. The bus sign actually said, “Nobody Walks.” Where the heck does he live? What planet?

I’m hoping that the fever and the head cold actually caused a delusion. A bus sign. Advertising a big SUV. Ridership up 15%. That can’t be right.

Later, when the head cold got better, I was able to gain some perspective.  Denny, if you are listening, let’s get this straight.  When we are out of fuel, and we can’t fabricate another war to get any, we will all be walking.  Make a bus sign out of that.