What do you suppose I could do to get people to keep commenting on my blog? I’m going to try this post, and see what happens.

I called my brother yesterday with some good news. Really good news for me. I’m always afraid that I’ll interrupt something corporate with John. I never imagine that he is shuffling for his phone inside his pocketbook and spilling his Kombucha all over his stuff like I do. I do worry that he will see the infrequent “little eco-friendly sister” on his caller I.D. and think there might be an environmental crisis on the horizon just when he is advising some big hot-shot about some financial something-or-other.

It keeps ringing. No answer. And then, when I’m leaving this good news on his vm, he beeps in.

“I wasn’t interrupting some big corporate thing was I?” I said.

“No. I’m in Hawaii!” he said.

I’m thinking he must be researching solar power in Hawaii.

Must be. He is in the energy business. He is in oil.

In Texas. Now, I know what you liberals are thinking and I can assure you that he isn’t one of those greasy Bush lovin’ oil guys. He might be a republican. Okay. He is. But he isn’t a Bush-lover, and I like him, and I’m not afraid to admit it. He thinks we should be exploring for oil in Alaska because “we can do it and not harm the environment”.

He claims that things have gotten so much better and I believe him. I wouldn’t believe anybody else, but him, I believe.

How can a self-respecting eco-friendly, kombucha lovin’, car-free, green funeral supporting mother think that drilling for oil in Alaska might be okay?

I trust him. We still need to live our lives differently, but we shouldn’t we only be using what we can produce ourselves?

On more than one occasion he has said, “Be careful, next you will be voting Republican.”

Only if Arne Carlson runs. It is the only time I’ve ever voted Republican. No regrets.