There is a sort of belief that people have about car-free people. That we are all bike loving biker folks.

When I was at the Hub bike shop this weekend, it was packed.

It is where I purchased my Suede two years ago. This trip I needed couple of flags for the burley trailer and the trail a bike.

They have a class for women in how to fix a flat that I’m really interested in taking. First though, they ride for an hour, together. It was a moment of revelation for me. People actually like to ride bikes. Really. They buy bikes they like to ride. They ride for sport. They ride because it is fun. It never really occured to me to get on my bike and go somewhere because I wanted to ride. I ride for transportation. And I think that is okay. Wind in my hair? No. Cruising down the hill? No, it reminds me of the time that I fell head first over the bars when I was 8 years old, and knocked unconscious. I’m always a little shaky when I bike too fast. Exercise? I’d rather go to a yoga class or swim. Really.