June 2008

The Northeast Parade was as toxic as usual.  The Big One still loves it, and Devil Baby was up north with Grandma & Grandpa so he missed it.  Most years we see lots of neighbors and friends.  This year seemed less.  I think the whole suburb of Anoka was there though.  Laura Murphy and her volunteers at Eastside Neighborhood thrift store made my list of highlights.  They were walking down the street with a rack of great thrift store finds, including the Twister pants I bought the next day for The Big One for his birthday.  Shhhhhh.  It isn’t until Saturday so keep your mouth shut.

Check out those polka dot Twister Pants!

Check out those polka dot Twister Pants!

Met Al Franken’s daughter.  She was a joy to meet.  But the environmental factor?  Ugh.

Big Diesel Truck and the excessive balloons:

The beauty queens selling bottled water.

One of the hospitals giving away bags to hold your medical records.

The garbage.

The saving grace: Bike Power!

The best part though was seeing R. T. Rybak, Minneapolis’ fine Mayor. I told him I’d like to take him on a bike ride of our city with my car-free family. He agreed. I’m holding him to it, but I’d like to wait until it gets a little cooler. The diesel particulate seems lighter when it isn’t so hot.


We are so far behind on our posts about our amazing adventures.  I saw our State Rep’s (Diane Loeffler) husband on the bus last week.  Cool.  He’s trying to do his part.  And, we’ve been eating a whole lot of diesel particulate.  I come home really dirty when I ride.  My kids, too.  I had lunch with my friend Rolfing Research gal who works for the PCA.  When I told her the “hug the bus” story, she said, “diesel particulate, it’s pretty bad,” or something like that.  It forever burned a diesel particulate sandwich image into my head.

Yesterday I rode to acupuncture down Central/3rd Avenue.  Almost got hit by a car as I crossed through downtown, but luckily, the Washburn McGreevy hearse that was following him gave me a wide berth.  Very nice.  I didn’t want my final bike ride to end with the side of a hearse coming at me.  I smiled at him.  He really did give me space.  It got me thinking.  Do driver’s really know that Bicyclists have rights?  That they get to just become traffic just like they are?  I don’t think so.  Did you learn that in driver’s ed?  I certainly didn’t.

Off to the parade.  Lots of diesel particulate from KDWB trucks, etc., a fair amount of horse droppings and lots of pretty girls for The Big One to chase.  Life is good, and Devil Baby is up at the lake with RV Grandpa and RV Grandma.

Yesterday Devil baby and I went to the airport to get The Big One. Trip was great, but instead of being 20 minutes early, they were late, and Devil Baby was his typical self. I’ve got this funky adrenal thing that makes my blood pressure drop when I am exerting myself and life with Devil Baby is constant exertion. I don’t have the energy to run down the street to save him from getting smacked by a bus, so I decided to play “red light, green light” on the mall outside the library with the boys yesterday. I got to sit and listen to my heart barely pump while they ran and stopped, ran and stopped.

Today, looking at the day from hell, I’m sitting here exhausted and crying. I know it will pass, but it will take us 4 buses to get The Big One to a concert tonight. I can’t rent an hourcar again because it isn’t in the budget AND we need to rent one this morning, unexpectedly, so we can quickly get to the uniform store to replace the navy shorts that he somehow lost on tour. Last minute crap doesn’t lend itself to a car-free life.

So, no yoga for me today. And hours on the bus. Today I say, “red light” on this car-free life. I want to give up.  And, I’m so far behind on posting.  I think I might just go back to bed.

Last Thursday, we were on our way home from (me) busting my back at circus and Mom Working lazily on her laptop. ON our way back Mom was Unlocking her bike but mine was already out so I tore off on my BLUE bike after my friend Clown Boy To the Left. (We normally go up to the right.) So my Mom Biked up the hill and saw a Lot of cars stopped and a BLUE bike on the ground. And Was crying “Is it Big One? Is it Big One??”  Meanwhile I had come around and biked up the hill and I thought “Car crash.” Then I saw the bike and the woman on the ground with blood all over.

She had a lacerated skull and you know how heads BLEED!!   Mom Yelled “Hasn’t  anyone called someone?”

2 minutes later we heard the sirens.  The whole nine yards came.

The person who Hit this lady was my friend Ariel Girl’s dad.  He Was…. Ok I mean think about it This lady we were thinking that she had *had a couple* and she Jumped out in front of the car anyways… But they said she was gonna be fine. As this lady is saying:” Get your @%$*Ing Hands off me. No you can’t use my *^&% Sweat shirt to mop up the blood.”

All this time Ariel girl is just sitting there shaking. So Mom goes over to her dad and says “I’m Just gonna sit with her over here okay?”

Then a really kind fire-fighter came over and said: “You have no need to worry… she’s going to be fine, you know how heads bleed.”

So then we said goodbye to Ariel girl and her dad and we hopped on our bikes and rode home. Making sure to look where we were going. we didn’t need another Bloody detour in our day.

When we got home Devil Child said “I’m not going to sleep unless we go the the fire house.

So after we told Dad about the Bloody detour We left for the fire house.

We had a Full tour including the JAWS OF LIFE!

On our way Home we met this woman,  Curly haired dog owner. So my parents Talked and talked with her but finally it was time to go home. (this was at 10:00)   But on our way home we saw Curly haired dog owner’s ipod on the ground. I picked it up and said “Here’s another detour in our day.” Mom and I went to go return it and Devil Child and Dad went home…

After we found her house (by asking the neighbors where it was) We found out she wasn’t home. So we went home and tried looking online for her number and we found nothing. My mom went and got a facebook account and lookey there There she was. The next day she came and picked it up…

That’s all for The Big Ones First post. 🙂


Got a ride home from the Boychoir auditions from one of my all-time favorite Boychoir moms, Joiner Mom. She is to Boychoir what I will never be. Nope. Not a joiner. I learned something really important from her. She is married to Eagle Scout Dad, and he taught her not to wear jeans when it is raining.

I should have married the Eagle Scout. I was in a long Jean Skirt, The Big One was in jean shorts, and we stood out in the pouring rain under our gigantic umbrella. “No need to wear your rainpants honey.” My husband is clearly not an Eagle Scout. Handsome. Charming. Talented. Not an Eagle Scout.

We are still feeling a little water logged and my shoes will never be the same. New addition on the things we need to buy list. Rain Boots.

I was thrilled to see the blog listed at Best Green Blogs Editor’s Choice section this weekend. He called me “snarky”. I love that he was able to capture my true nature in one simple word. The Big One is mad as hell about the Car Free Family Blog and the fact that I’m getting all the “credit”. He is forced to “hug the bus” as we are pedaling on Broadway on the north side instead. A couple of angry hungover men yelled at us yesterday, one of them saying, “YOU F$#*kheads”. The Big One said, I don’t even get what that compound word means, Mom. Diversity in action. I think we took at least 2 years off our lives driving across the Broadway bridge back to Northeast. This was mile 10 or so. We rode our bikes to Unity Christ Church in Golden Valley. We were spiritually fed, and then got to suck the exhaust of a cement truck on our way home.

That’s living.

Just an FYI: The Big One is threatening to post on the blog. He wants credit where credit is due.