I was thrilled to see the blog listed at Best Green Blogs Editor’s Choice section this weekend. He called me “snarky”. I love that he was able to capture my true nature in one simple word. The Big One is mad as hell about the Car Free Family Blog and the fact that I’m getting all the “credit”. He is forced to “hug the bus” as we are pedaling on Broadway on the north side instead. A couple of angry hungover men yelled at us yesterday, one of them saying, “YOU F$#*kheads”. The Big One said, I don’t even get what that compound word means, Mom. Diversity in action. I think we took at least 2 years off our lives driving across the Broadway bridge back to Northeast. This was mile 10 or so. We rode our bikes to Unity Christ Church in Golden Valley. We were spiritually fed, and then got to suck the exhaust of a cement truck on our way home.

That’s living.

Just an FYI: The Big One is threatening to post on the blog. He wants credit where credit is due.