Yesterday Devil baby and I went to the airport to get The Big One. Trip was great, but instead of being 20 minutes early, they were late, and Devil Baby was his typical self. I’ve got this funky adrenal thing that makes my blood pressure drop when I am exerting myself and life with Devil Baby is constant exertion. I don’t have the energy to run down the street to save him from getting smacked by a bus, so I decided to play “red light, green light” on the mall outside the library with the boys yesterday. I got to sit and listen to my heart barely pump while they ran and stopped, ran and stopped.

Today, looking at the day from hell, I’m sitting here exhausted and crying. I know it will pass, but it will take us 4 buses to get The Big One to a concert tonight. I can’t rent an hourcar again because it isn’t in the budget AND we need to rent one this morning, unexpectedly, so we can quickly get to the uniform store to replace the navy shorts that he somehow lost on tour. Last minute crap doesn’t lend itself to a car-free life.

So, no yoga for me today. And hours on the bus. Today I say, “red light” on this car-free life. I want to give up.  And, I’m so far behind on posting.  I think I might just go back to bed.