We are so far behind on our posts about our amazing adventures.  I saw our State Rep’s (Diane Loeffler) husband on the bus last week.  Cool.  He’s trying to do his part.  And, we’ve been eating a whole lot of diesel particulate.  I come home really dirty when I ride.  My kids, too.  I had lunch with my friend Rolfing Research gal who works for the PCA.  When I told her the “hug the bus” story, she said, “diesel particulate, it’s pretty bad,” or something like that.  It forever burned a diesel particulate sandwich image into my head.

Yesterday I rode to acupuncture down Central/3rd Avenue.  Almost got hit by a car as I crossed through downtown, but luckily, the Washburn McGreevy hearse that was following him gave me a wide berth.  Very nice.  I didn’t want my final bike ride to end with the side of a hearse coming at me.  I smiled at him.  He really did give me space.  It got me thinking.  Do driver’s really know that Bicyclists have rights?  That they get to just become traffic just like they are?  I don’t think so.  Did you learn that in driver’s ed?  I certainly didn’t.

Off to the parade.  Lots of diesel particulate from KDWB trucks, etc., a fair amount of horse droppings and lots of pretty girls for The Big One to chase.  Life is good, and Devil Baby is up at the lake with RV Grandpa and RV Grandma.