The Northeast Parade was as toxic as usual.  The Big One still loves it, and Devil Baby was up north with Grandma & Grandpa so he missed it.  Most years we see lots of neighbors and friends.  This year seemed less.  I think the whole suburb of Anoka was there though.  Laura Murphy and her volunteers at Eastside Neighborhood thrift store made my list of highlights.  They were walking down the street with a rack of great thrift store finds, including the Twister pants I bought the next day for The Big One for his birthday.  Shhhhhh.  It isn’t until Saturday so keep your mouth shut.

Check out those polka dot Twister Pants!

Check out those polka dot Twister Pants!

Met Al Franken’s daughter.  She was a joy to meet.  But the environmental factor?  Ugh.

Big Diesel Truck and the excessive balloons:

The beauty queens selling bottled water.

One of the hospitals giving away bags to hold your medical records.

The garbage.

The saving grace: Bike Power!

The best part though was seeing R. T. Rybak, Minneapolis’ fine Mayor. I told him I’d like to take him on a bike ride of our city with my car-free family. He agreed. I’m holding him to it, but I’d like to wait until it gets a little cooler. The diesel particulate seems lighter when it isn’t so hot.