I’ve driven a whole lot in Tom’s car. We’ve had it since Friday and I’ve been to the movie store twice, the grocery store once, and today in the extreme heat, I drove to yoga. Down the hill. I’d like to flog myself, but my blood pressure tanked yesterday and the dizziness from the heat is staggering. Literally. No apologies for that one. The useless trip to the thrift store the other day was ridiculous. It really is seductive.

Took the bus to acupuncture earlier today though, dragging Devil Baby down the street. We met up with Papa at the train stop on Hennepin. He was there on his fancy french bike, newly repaired by the brilliant bike monkeys at Scallywags Bike Shop. Tomorrow is another day.

I plan to let the car just sit along side my own slow moving body. With diastolic in the low 30’s, what’s a girl to do?

Car-free family tip of the day: Buy cellphones for everybody. It makes car-free life so much easier. Especially with a teenager who likes to take off on his bike!