It’s been a wild one folks.  Really wild.  Been having these awful symptoms that were making me crabby.  Saw my Doctor who has two grown kids who are car-free and we started getting closer to some answers.  Chest pains.  Out of shape mama (how can I be in such bad shape if I ride and walk up that damn hell many times per week).  Shortness of breath.  My heart is fine.  My iron is high.  Lots more to learn, I guess.  I’m still hung up on the stress echo.  I asked the cardiologist, “Do I have the fitness level of a couch potato?”

He replied, “Not a 400 lb couch potato.”

Nice.  I’m out of shape.  Unusually out of shape.

During all of this, we got 15 yards of black dirt/compost.  12 yards of mulch, which our neighbor who I might call Path Man (sort for pathologic), stole this evening.  Get this:

Me:  “What are you doing?”

Path Man:  “Getting some mulch.  If you think that I’m stealing it, I’m not.”

Me:  “No, I didn’t think that.”

Steaming, I run into the house to figure out why my husband would give away mulch that cost us a fortune.  He didn’t.  The guy must of hauled 3 – 4 wheelers full.

To quote the Devil Baby, “Whatever.”

I’ll be in touch.  Gotta run, and run, and run.  It is finally raining.