My city seems like it is on fire. Last night I saw so many of the things that make our country seem out of balance. The Big One and his friends are out trying to raise funds to help support their choir. We got permits from the city and the boys are doing great. . .for the most part.

Our first night we saw a drunk guy playing in a fountain while we were waiting for a bus. Last night was worse though. The Big One and I were waiting for the 4 and a man was sleeping on the street. Cops all over the city, women dressed in red, white and blue wearing elephant scarves and flag pin decorate our freshly cleaned, painted and waxed city and no one seemed to notice this sleeping drunk. When he got up and started getting belligerent I grabbed my phone and dialed 911. He tried to get on the 61 (to St. Paul) then the 14 (to Brooklyn Center) and I knew my bus was next. Both drivers of the Metro Transit gave him a couple of drunk tests and wouldn’t let him on the bus.

Next, a brave woman flagged down one of Minneapolis’ finest who was in a squad car. I didn’t hear the conversation but the drunk was really mad. Great. I was ready to take a cab home at that point. The cops ignored the man and drove away. They must of just been going around the block to be on the correct side of the one-way, I thought naively. Nope. Ignored. Completely.

My 4 bus arrived. Although many riders pleaded with the driver, he let him on anyway. The Big One and I went out the back door and went for pizza even though we were tired and had blistered feet. I’m not kidding. We pleaded with the driver. I guess our safety meant nothing. Pizza was great though. Pizza Luce feeds the car-free family in their time of need again.

Earlier today the tough-as-nails 5 bus driver engaged her bus into drive before I even got up the stairs. She honked and yelled at everybody.

And best of all a local liberal woman told one of our boys that she wouldn’t support the boychoir because one of her friends, who is gay told her that the choir was anti-gay. Just like the boy scouts. Huh? “And why else would you be working the RNC?” she wondered. I wondered which aliens might have abducted her sense of reason.

I’ve never seen so many cops and yet the city is full of all the same symbols of poverty and need. The woman coming from the shelter to find the Drake hotel with her 5 kids in tow. People sleeping drunk and sleeping on the streets. The 5 bus packed to the gills with the angry bus driver behind the wheel.

And those helicopters that vague suggest red, white and blue? What do we make of those?

Today is another day. Live music/theater/dance on the downtown streets.