Devil baby and I took a trip down to the co-op yesterday with the dog to get some sort of white food. Be it yogurt, noodles or soy milk, that kid has a very limited palate. He does, however, have great taste in trailers. We ran in to Andy, peace coffee delivery man extraordinaire.

We had a great conversation about my bad choice of water bottles. I caved and bought Finn one of those cute but still-not-proven-to-be-safe Sigg Bottles. The liner is Industry proven not to contaminate you with aluminum on purchase but for how long? Most moms I know do the research and end up using them as vases. I just didn’t have the energy to fight him today, and my alternative for the new gym we joined was juice boxes. Not in my vocabulary. In a few months, we will make it a nice vase.

Thanks Andy for weighing in on the issue and for talking with us by your cool trailer. I’ve attached a couple of pictures of Andy that I lifted from their website. If you aren’t drinking Peace Coffee you should be. I would if my motto weren’t this: “You don’t even want to see me on Caffeine.”