Nita, our wonder dog, has addison’s disease. She has little or no adrenal function and shouldn’t have stress in her life. Today, after she left me two squishy piles in the house, and a couple of puddles, I decided she needed to get some fast Friday afternoon bloodwork.

3:40 pm Camden Pet Hospital, with their in-house lab was quick to accommodate. Can you make it here in 20 minutes. Ah??? Sure. Quick, call Dawn, the neighbor with the pet service.

3:56 pm Dawn rushes home, puts the kennel in the car, tosses her dog “Diablo” into the car for moral support and off they run. Dawn does this is as a service, running dogs to the VET. And in my opinion, she doesn’t charge enough.

4:15 pm Camden calls me with the electrolyte results. Ratio is a tiny bit off, sodium is a teeny bit high, but no biggy. Must be the extra big meals I’ve been giving her. She’s been looking skinny.

If we had a car, I would have just gotten in it and taken Nita myself. But instead I need to be Creative. Resourceful. Interdependent. That’s what car-free living is all about.

Here’s Nita:

Not sure how I got two of her, but remember, this was in her fat stage. You are NOT seeing double.