Sorry. . .this entry was locked in my unpublished file:

The Big One and I were riding across the Hennepin Avenue bridge last night, pulling Devil Baby in the Burley trailer. Pop! The urban family had to think twice. Were those gun shots?

“Are my tires okay?”

“Yeah, mom. Are mine?”


“Burley tires are fine, too.”

But the quick release had somehow decided to quick release and the tire was lying flat by the time we got to Nye’s Polonaise Room. After the valet helped us lift the bike/burley combo up on the sidewalk, a nice couple from Hudson stopped to help us. Determined man got the tire jammed backed in where it belonged. By that time it was dark and we had no lights.

Big hearted-wish-he-was-my-brother-friend, who moonlights as a Criminal Defense attorney got the call.

“Hey Crime-Fighter Man. We had a burley accident. Can you pick us up at Nye’s?”

He was there in 5 minutes with a weary working-too-hard-to-make-sure-civil-rights-aren’t- being-violated demeanor. Clearly tied up with this whole RNC mess.

Dancer husband says the Burley is fine, no problem. Instead, I took Devil Baby around on the trail-a-bike today. He really is too little for it but he didn’t seem to mind after we got the hang of it. If I can get up tomorrow, I think we will ride it to the March on the RNC. Change of scenery from Delegate hell in downtown Minneapolis.

He is right. The Burley is fine. I’ve entrusted my children to that company for over 10 years. Good move on my part. Devil Baby actually thought the bang-drag was fun.