Took the 10 Bus down to the Aveda School for my yearly pedicure. I start teaching Yoga at the University next week, and to stave off gifts of foot creme, I like to clean up my dogs once in a while. I’m being scrapped and moisturized by Danielle and the conversation turns to transportation, the 35W bridge re-opening, broken down cars on first dates and Tina Fey. I have no idea who Tina Fey is, and I having admitted earlier to not having a car, confessed to the absence of TV in our household. I think the whole room turned and looked at me as if they were witnessing spontaneous human combustion.

“No TV?”

“No. No TV.”

“You don’t watch TV or you don’t have one?”

“I don’t have one. Got rid of it when my oldest son was 7. It is a time waster, and I don’t have enough time as it is.”

No car. No TV. I rarely shop at a big box stores. I am clearly a disgrace to American Culture. I’ll take a lesson from The Big One.

“When they talk about things from TV mom, just nod your head and pretend you know what they are talking about.”

Smart boy. Really smart.