Today the 4 bus was early and I missed it, causing an ugly chain reaction. The light rail was slow coming but I thought that the timing would be fine anyway, getting me to my Creative Writing for High School students on time.

Nope. I ran from the lightrail station to 37th — about 6 blocks in sandals. One day after my pedicure. Sigh. Rocks in my toenails – Yikes! I got there 3 minutes late and trying to catch my breath, gave them their writing prompt: a clown shoe, a librarian and a super soaker 50. After a wonderful class, I succumbed to a request from the Ballroom teacher to be a partner. So, here I am, step, step, rock step. . . 1-2-3, 4-5-6 waltzing with my students. Nice way to get to know each other, and easy way to pay my late-for-class penance.

Funny thing is, I don’t dance. When you are married to a dancer, people assume you go out and dance. I liken it to being married to a Funeral Director and spending time embalming. It just isn’t what we do when we have time together. And the fact that I have 2 left feet doesn’t make it appealing to me.

She did say I was “such a quick learner”. I will NOT be late again though. Too sweaty. And, Devil Baby won’t have The Big One to pick him up next week, so I MUST rush home. Any homeschooled girls about there? They need you in the Planet Homeschool Ballroom dance class. Life has certainly changed since I was in high school.