Windy, sudden rain woke me from my comfy bed this am. Devil baby had already been up 4 times trying his best to coax me into the underbelly of The Big One’s IKEA bed where he sleeps with the wonder dog.

“Come sleep with me, mommy.”

Visions of legs flailing and landing on my larynx run through my sleepy head.

“Sleep in my bed this time,” I say.

And after a few minutes of rest, the rain started. Plans can change so quickly when you are car-free. He really wants to go to child-care at the health club in the neighborhood. It is a short trail-a-bike ride, but I hate being soggy. Should we stay or go? Go. I’ve got to get into a regular life pattern. Work out from 9:30 – 9:45 am, step into the steam room ’til 10 and then I work in the lobby from 10 – 11:30 while he stays trapped in childcare. Great perk. Don’t tell anyone, but I joined the gym for their childcare. I liken most of their yoga classes to “yoga on steroids”, and the one class that works for the average yogini is on Sundays when I don’t need childcare. So I jump up and down on some machine I don’t understand, then go write while he gains germy immunity. Life is good, even when soggy.

The Big one has bigger challenges these days. One of his primary quirks is a lack of interest in details. Like which bus goes in which direction, and why those things matter.

He left early to wait for the 25 to take him to MacPhail Center for Music. Lesson is at 6:30. I get the call at 6:10 pm.

“Mom. I just got off the bus in St. Anthony where we got my brace when I had the scooter accident. I think I went the wrong way.”

“Yep you did Aidan. Walk over to the 4 stop and take it home, I will call Dad.”

Dad has his motor scooter license now. He gets to have passengers. He picked Aidan up and they were 10 minutes late for piano, but Mr. Jazz man, our teacher was running at least 30 minutes late so all was good.

This am, no scooter ride to school in the rain though. I read that Motorcycle handbook. Every third line said something to the effect of “most people get in motorcycle crashes in the first 6 weeks of having their endorsement.” He has had his endorsement for 8 days. Rain? Scooters? Precious not-yet-teenage cargo? I think not. The bus is just fine.