Useless not-yet-landfill piles up in every home.  When you are car-free getting the goods out the door takes a little creativity.   Sure, I get those postcards that ARC will be in my neighborhood, but I have a love affair with Eastside Neighborhood Thrift Store (formerly Silver Angel) down on the corner of 20th and Central Avenue NE.  I am propelled into grief, like a cheating lover when I shop at the thrift store that involves no biking incline (in St. Anthony). I can’t imagine how I would feel if I actually donated my junk somewhere else.

We have lots of visitors to our door.  Rescue Hero Neighbor, Dog Barf Mama (the Dog Doctor with the specialty in Nutrition) and Crime Fighter Man all make regular stops.  Rescue Hero comes to give the dogs a chance to sniff, Dog Barf Mama is always shuttling The Big One to some geeky musical event and Crime Fighter man stops for a beer (although he always says no to the expensive ones) and to wield a chain saw in the yard.

It is always the same.

“Are you heading near the thrift store today?”

“Not today, but keep asking!”

I couldn’t wait.  On Saturday, I made dancer-husband get the stuff out of the foyer. 

Here he is stacking the bags on the scooter. 

Here he is checking to be sure one his many “treasures” didn’t end up in the purge bags.

And then, he is off to dump the goods!  Check out the non-regulation helmet.  



My hero.