As I walked out of the Rosedale Library after pre-school French class, I had an “I need to buy a car” moment. I was wrangling Devil Baby and “Knows-How-To-Relax” Becky had her nice, mellow 3 year old in tow. I adore Becky. If she and I were popcorn, she would be sweet yummy caramel flavored (that is care-a-mel to you Minnesotans) and I would be sour cream and onion flavored. At lunch, she would be an interesting Portobello Sandwich with balsamic vinegar and mozzarella. I would be the Tex-Mex with too much 4-alarm fire sauce. She has THREE boys, one in college, one in Boychoir and one the same age as Devil Baby.

Back to my story though, one that I’m wanting to stay in denial about. My left leg gave out. Again. Back in the spring when my blood pressure dropped and I got dizzy I would avoid falling by bracing myself on the bus stop sign pole. That was one thing, but this leg-giving-out business is starting to piss me off. Not to mention the burning pain in my spine that seems to never end. I sent Devil Baby to cross with Becky and William and I dragged my leg across the parking lot like you see those little ants carry one of their dead friends. All these beautiful moms with their beautiful french speaking kids and I’m dragging myself across the parking lot in pain. I hoisted myself up into Becky’s Saturn SUV and the strength started to come back. It always does but that pain doesn’t go away.

Sometimes I can’t make it to the bus stop because of the pain and the weakness. And then, the next day I’ll be hanging out in a handstand, or in side plank like nothing ever happened. Do the bad days warrant giving up our car-free days? I’m sad and scared that we might have to. Tonight I’m understanding why people reach for the Vicodin in times like these. Bad, burning pains in my spine.

So, put on your armchair physician hat (or your medical intuitive hat) and let’s play “diagnose the car-free mama”. Let’s get me back on track so I can keep living the way I want to live. (Let’s home my wonderful G. P. doesn’t read the blog today!)

Here is what they’ve ruled out:

MRI of brain, no tumor, no MS lesions (whew!)

Addison’s Disease (no sign of low adrenal function — reminder, give Nita her medicine)

Vit B12 – good

Kidneys – good

Vit D – good

Magnesium – good

Iron – I’m a carrier for Iron Overloading, so everything is good but the iron stores, which suggest I’m on the verge of anemia.

Thyroid and Thyroid anti-bodies – good

White, red blood cells – good

No Lyme’s disease

No damage to the heart, but my stress echo suggested I was a couch potato, if you remember that post.

Insurance denied my full spine MRI, still waiting for the appeal

We haven’t done one of those tilt table tests yet.

What are we missing?????

Eco-Farmer friend Jen just learned that the para-thyroid might be the culprit. I’m seeing a cool holistic doctor on Wednesday. I’ll see what she thinks, but in the meantime, throw me some ideas. But don’t mention that your Grandma has the same symptoms. Really folks, I’m only 44.