Dancer Husband and I went out last night to see Electric Arc Radio. We were late, and it wasn’t a car-free issue this time. Crime Fighter Man and his wife, Power Suit Peterson picked us up in their snazzy toyota (which we’ve borrowed a time or two). Nice wheels. I just assumed we were going on the scooter, but apparently the cold is a little intense on the scooter so hubby made other plans. I didn’t know about the cool thing. I figured it was just like winter biking. I must stop sending him down for groceries.

We had a lovely evening-beginning with dinner at the new Noodle shop on Central Avenue. If you haven’t tried it, you MUST. It earns the “I’d walk up the hill” award for best Restaurant on Central. Sen Yei Sen Lak is owned by Joe and Holly. They are ethical, well-balanced, family focused and of course, make excellent food. We were able to get a table and they helped us get out the door at 8:00 pm. We ate, we drank, we were happy as we rolled our buddha bellies into the Ritz Theater.

The show was fun. A little on the long side, but that was because I was in pain most of the evening, sitting in my reserved-for-late-comers folding chair in as near as the Ritz gets to a nosebleed section. Andy Sturdevant was a fabulous narrator, Stephanie Wilbur Ash was a brilliant Rock Star, Dave Salmela held his own as the “sexiest man in Northeast Minneapolis” and his beautiful, talented wife, Jenny Adams was engaging as ever. Herbach was cute as a bug’s ear and Kurt Froehling as Bono was the highlight. I’m not a fan of Bono, cover songs from my college days still scratch in my head. Kurt was brilliant. The rest of the gang was great, too, but I missed the house. And the Beauty Everywhere. And the sex. Where was that Sam? I didn’t attend last season at all. I was pissed when they left Northeast. And I ran into a few babysitter problems. I can’t seem to get anyone to actually be alone with Devil Baby late at night. Besides, who leaves Northeast for greener pastures? Truth be told, there are no greener pastures. Now that they are back at the Ritz, my love and devotion are back as well. I Can’t wait for the Very Brady Christmas.

Again, if you haven’t been, you’ve missed out. It is one of the coolest happenings in Minneapolis. Before I decided to live locally, I did leave Northeast to hit the nightlife. Well, maybe not for the past 12 years, but when I was cool (or thought I was), I saw lots of cutting edge performance art at the old Red Eye, which of course is now the home of “Sex World”.

Things they are a changing. It’s that time of year. The Big One is appalled by my post.

“What happened to the PG-13 rating mom? Sex. Sex World. Pissed?” he says to me with 12-year-old disgust.

“Post yourself, dude.” If he can crawl out from under his homework this week, he might just do that.