We are on a bender. I know it will pass. Yesterday we overslept for the 1st time since the Big One enrolled in Educational Prison. Dancer-husband DROVE him there. No car pool. Nothing. And he was still 4 minutes late.

Then, he drove to dance class. And PAID for parking. Then drove to REHEARSAL and paid for parking. After prison, The Big One and Devil baby played in the fire-engine red car with Nita the fire dog. I needed to get a STACK of books from the library.

As I drove to the library I felt like I, myself had been released from prison. I didn’t have to limit myself to a backpack full of light books. I checked them ALL out. Really. I think we ended up with 6 books for Devil Baby, 6 for Aidan and a few for me, all on Lyme Disease. We got several audio books as well.

The best part of all was the trip to Eastside Neighborhood Services Thrift Store (formerly Silver Angel). It was like coming home. I just don’t get to Central Avenue anymore. I blew $7 on stuff for the boys and got to see Laura, Elizabeth and best of all, Paulette who I haven’t seen for what seems like decades.

So here I am weighing community involvement (if only the thrift store had a tea shop within) with gluttony.

I got a comment from a loyal reader the other day. Devin commented on the fact that it is harder to be car-light than car-free. Yep. I get it. It’s a challenging moral choice in every moment.

Devil Baby late for school. . .or drive him? Walk up to the library for 10 books, when I’m cold. . .or drive? Over the past 15 months I’ve realized that it really is the neighborhood trips that I most need the car for, not the big ones. I don’t see myself driving downtown or to the U to teach yoga. Those trips are easy by bus. I think what we need to do is keep the miles on our car low. How few miles can you drive per year? The car came to us with 79,000. Keep it under ???? by the end of the year?

Canada is calling though. Our dear, dear, dear friend Jim MacDonald of Brandon MB died on Monday. We bought the Little Red Wagon to get up to visit him one last time before he left this world and we didn’t get there. I wish Jim the best transition ever. He deserves it. We will be there to say goodbye on Saturday.

Jim was like a second Father to me, a grandpa to the boys and our best friend.

Goodbye dear Hagrid. We love you.