Car-Free mama trudges along, trying to make her way to her computer to post. Been having some lousy car-light days lately. Some lousy days in general. It could be the blood. Could be my cheery disposition. Could be devil baby and his endless quest to hurt me. Or, I could just be bitter about owning a car.

I drove to vote. I drove to teach the step, rock, steppers and got lost. One day I even drove three blocks to pre-school.

I miss catching up on my reading, catching up on my writing, and being ‘of community’.

But I need The Little Red Wagon right now. And it is good. We had to move the car from our isolated little cul-de-sac this morning. “What?” you say, “A cul-de-sac in Minneapolis?”

Apparently the street got filled in decades ago to slow down traffic to the park. It slows down traffic. Even the drunks walking through slow down, tripping over the boulders that were strategically placed. I love our cul-de-sac, the new home of ‘Lil Red. Today, however was leaf sweeping day, so we moved the car to Lowry.

Rainy day. Driver’s door a few feet from the swooshing cars. Don’t car drivers realize that pedestrians, even ones that are just on their way to their cars end up getting wet from their excessive speed?

I’m a crabby driver. I don’t like being cut off. I don’t like being in traffic. Traffic? I had forgotten how stressful it is.

I miss the carefree carfree life. But right now, I just can’t go back.