Is that really possible?  “Forgive me Father for I have sinned.  It has been two weeks since my last confession.”

Life is full.  And it is not full of car related things, which is good.  We are trying to refer to our little guy as “Angel Baby” but it isn’t changing his demeanor.  The Big One has been buried under homework, and he has been sick since October 6 when he went on the boychoir tour and got no sleep.

Nita the Wonder Dog hates the car.  We take her to MacPhail on cold nights and sit in the car with her.  No, the car isn’t running.  As a car-light family, we are the ones who shut off their car in traffic.

I served on Jury Duty this past week.  They give you bus passes from metro transit, which I collected from the suburban folks, most of whom have serious transit phobia.  I didn’t mind getting their passes.  Express buses both ways for me and I was ready to serve within 40 minutes.  I intended to work on my NANOWRIMO (National Novel Writing Month Project), but I was busy on a trial that lasted from Monday – Thursday.  So much for getting work done.  I read two books about Lyme Disease on the bus though and I finished Diane Wilson’s “Spirit Car”, a must read for anyone whose family settled in or around Minnesota.  It is a beautiful story about her mixed blood family, many of which were involved in the Dakota War of 1862.  It is a beautiful but painful read regardless of which side your family was on.  I would imagine mine, like Diane’s family, tragically straddled both sides.

A couple of things I’m grateful for these days:  I have a car that I can drive a mile to the health club so I can sauna.  Lyme Disease bacteria dislikes heat intensely.  Good Doctors and Shiatsu and Massage practitioners that truly care about helping me get well are on my team.  I’m preparing my body as best I can for the anti-biotic treatment that is quickly coming down the path.  Another day of learning.  It is what it is.  Lyme disease is awful.  The hardest part though is that I look well.  When I need to use the arm of my fellow juror to “all rise”, he doesn’t see why I might need that but graciously helps so I’m not held in contempt.