Tomorrow when I head out to the acupuncturist’s office and to teach yoga, I will begin my winter cursing. My republican neighbors (there aren’t many in Northeast Minneapolis) down the street refuse to shovel their walk. I don’t mean once in a great while, but NEVER. I’m not kidding. Last year I called on them each time I fell. This year I think I will call each time I walk by.

This is on Lowry avenue, two houses in from Johnson Street. On the way to the Bus. As I type this I still remember my run to catch the bus to the YMCA for an early morning swim. I flew my feet in the air and crashed on my left hip.

If you really want to shovel your walk, you do it. Even my 93 year old neighbor shovels her walk. These non-shovelers live on a hill and on “the hill”. Since they can’t see the sidewalk, maybe they think it isn’t there. We all have our quirks, I guess. This year I hope they have a few fines from the city as well.

I am a meanie.

On the other hand, I can be nice now that I have wheels. I took a soup to the Vet house where Dr. J., Vet Nutritionist Extraordinaire has the worst case of the flu I’ve ever seen. If I didn’t have the red wagon I could NEVER have gotten there with that big ol’ pot of soup. I hope it works. The soup cooked all day and I cleaned parts my chaotic house with “Feng Shui Susan”. I know that I need to eliminate the chaos as best as I can to prepare for what “Lyme Disease” treatment holds for me. After I’ll take any help I can get. Even from my messy friends. They don’t need to be Feng Shui Goddesses, just handy with a dish towel. If they can say, “get rid of the chair, Jeanne,” that is helpful, too. Calm. Peaceful. Say no to everything. Simplify. The best way through it is through it. Lots of new mantras for me.

I’ve never posted a video before, but I think this should work. This is the trailer for “Under Our Skin” the documentary about Lyme. There are many different parts of the documentary on youtube. My in-laws saw it and don’t think I need it cloud my healing process with the images. But you can.