Dancer husband just called me, on his way over to put dinner in the oven at my sister “Barbie’s” house. Apparently the wood chip stealing psychopathic neighbor’s family has been holding a $20 grudge against us. Yes, over the woodchips. WIth a little verbal huffing and physical threatening, the brother-in-law was able to get the $20 back from Dancer husband.

Huff. Puff. Let it go. I wanted to go across the street and hit him with our 93 year old neighbor’s big metal shovel. But I didn’t.

My motto for now and into the new year: There is only room for love. If you steal my chips in love, so be it. If you are full of anger and rage over your living situation, it is your anger and rage, not mine. If you don’t shovel your sidewalk, ever, it is your Karma, not mine. 2009 is the year of love. There is room for nothing else.

Angel Baby showed this to the entire mall AND bus ridership of the 32 to/from Rosedale Mall.

We were running out of time to see the big man in red, so Angel & I donned our winter gear and hopped the 32. No rush, no bustle, just did it at 4:58. By the time we got to the St. Anthony Village Mall we remembered Santa’ gift. We hopped off the bus, dashed across the street and did a re-do. Back to the house, grab the gift, out to the bus again.

Santa was surprised by the gift and gave Angel Baby a hug. “You have to share it with Mrs. Claus,” he said.

It was super cute. The photos are awful. Full of love, but the camera dude is a little on the DSMIV range. Too scary to get a smile.

I wish you all love, healing and the ease of an eco-friendly New Year.