At what point do we turn from being “nice” Minnesotans to Passive Aggressive Minnesotans? Within moments of leaving the womb? By the time we are in pre-school?

Last year, I didn’t experience what comes next. This year I have, and it is frightening. Today, over an over as I drove my son to the Wellstone Center in St. Paul, then later to MacPhail for Piano lessons, I was glared at, sworn at, sped by and given the almighty finger. Everything I did was wrong in the eyes of the people who didn’t want to share the road with me.

Freezing temperatures are one thing, but these behaviors are making us, as a geographic species look very, very, bad. I miss passive-aggressive. When did passive aggressive become the new f-u?

I am ashamed of my fellow Minnesotans. Especially the ones on the road.

And what about all the diesel particulate? When I was on a bike, I understood it. But I feel it when I drive. I thought I would be insulated in the little red wagon but it is a constant reminder of how I am destroying our planet.