So, it probably shouldn’t be hitting me so hard. But, I hopped on facebook tonight before hopping into bed and I saw this:

Bike/Walk Twin Cities

Yep. Walk or Bike to the neighborhood co-op and tell your story.

Well, my story would be this. Tonight, when my friend Carrie was over, she asked why my distracted son left his bike on the sidewalk. I walked over to pick it up, and with Carrie’s presence, I felt strong enough to straddle it. I have a hip that is full of tick borne illnesses — various diseases hang out there, eating their weight in muscle tissue and hanging out in bones. I’ve been doing intensive physical therapy for it — having amazing results.

So, there I was. On a bike. After nearly two years of being off one. “Should I do it?” I asked. “Well, I would think all that vertigo might make it a little hard.”


I kept thinking. . I will get on a bike again, if this hip ever heals. Nope. I’m not getting on a bike tomorrow for Bike/Walk Twin Cities. Maybe I’m not getting on one every again. I don’t know. But, I do know that these kind of events, despite the cheer and good will, make me feel like a non-smoker watching the cool kids hanging out at the corner.

I’m not in a wheelchair, and yet, I’m very limited in my mobility. I don’t have a disability parking sign, and yet I could use one. I’m not sure how to make this event more inclusive, but I just have to say, it isn’t. So, I’ll wave in solidarity as you ride by my house. I won’t be going anywhere tomorrow. But here? It’s not a bad place. Just different.